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My Photo Dreamer HD

Nice application for picture editing and coloring……Its a full picture editor through which the user can take picture from camera or can take picture from gallery and then can give color there picture.Not only picture coloring the user can cut there picture as well as can select a frame for there pictures in builin frames.There are alot of frames available in this app which looking very good when picture place on it.

***** This application have alot of functionality like

1….. You can take picture from gallery or can take picture from camera.
2….. After getting picture user can color there picture in a different ways
3….. User can change the brightness and contrast
4….. The user can change the Hue and Situration of there picture.
5….. The user can change sharpness of the picture.
6 **** The user can select the frames from the buitin frame and can place there picture in it.
7….. the user can email there edited picture to there friend.
8….. The user can share share there edited picture on the facebook through this application.
9….. We have added the crop functionality too, the user can crop there picture.
10….. The user can flip and rotate there picture in the good directions.
11….. The user can enter there meeting details too because we have add the notes section too in this application.
12….. We have enter the painting section too in this application.Whenever the user want to do some painting then the use can do painting in the painting section without any marker and colored pencils need.The user can do any type of painting in it and can send this painting to there freinds through email and facebook.
We have added autograph section in this application in which user can take there favorite personality picture and then on this picture he can get the autograph from him.its a very nice functionality and hopes every one will like it.

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