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My NotePad Pro

************ MY NOTE PAD PRO **********
This is the very very best application for Student,Teachers,Business man and Designers.
In this application use can design and can implement there own ideas with out pencil and page.The user can design any thing in it in different colors and patterns and then they can write text as well there. The user have the ability to send this to there friends as well as to there family members through email.
***** The Student can notice there daily lecture in it and can design the diagram of there lecture like Physics, Chemistry etc in it. The student can send this notes to there absent friends as well without any problem.
***** The Teacher can enter there daily lecture in it and can make a design in it to show there students.The teacher can easily enter the student scores with there name in it easily.
***** Business Man can enter there daily routine work in it without any pen etc.They can write the points of the meeting and can change it any time without new page.
***** Designers can make the design in it without the remover and pencil and wasting of the pages by making again and again.So the designer can make there designs easily in it and can show to their client and Boss through there email.

So very nice and very reasonable application for all users.

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